Slice of Life Story Day 14 A Conversation Over Dinner With Friends

Last night we had friends for dinner and during the course of the evening I asked each person to name something they have never done that they assumed most people had done. Hmmm?

They thought about it for a while and then began to share their respective revelations. Initially some were struggling to think of something, so I offered to go first. I shared the fact that I have never seen the movie ‘Avatar’ despite the fact that it is the most watched movie in history. I have never read a Harry Potter book. I have never watched the immensely popular television show, ‘Master Chef.’

Suddenly our guests came forward with their own statements. ‘I’ve never drunk whiskey.’   ‘I’ve never been to Bali.’  ‘I have never eaten snails.’  ‘I’ve never smoked a cigarette.’ –and so it went.

It was all a bit of fun, and it certainly got the conversation flowing. All part of a great night in the company of close friends, sitting around a table sharing a glass of wine and delicious food. Simple pleasures shared.


  1. I have never been to Cape Cod and I live just a couple hours away. The reason, when it is nice at Cape Cod it is nice in Maine. Why would I want to leave home then?

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  3. Hi Alan,
    I have never seen Avatar and have no desire to, I have only read the first Harry Potter but I am a huge Masterchef Fan.
    My 'I have never...' would be I have never owned a mobile phone (I have had one for 11 years, but I have never owned it)!!! My Dad bought me my first mobile phone in his company's name and it is still in the company's name now! So, never OWNED my own mobile phone! (On paper)

  4. Such a good conversation topic, hmmmm. . . I have never smoked anything, never saw Avatar or the TV show The Office, and I have never driven a car to 100,000 miles.
    PS: love the new look of your blog!

  5. Actually I have played this game with my middle school students & we work it out in a circle. Someone says what they've never done & if you have, you lose a toothpick. (Everyone starts with 5 or 10 if we have more time.) Last one left with toothpicks is the winner, the 'never' queen or king. It's interesting to see what people think of--some students have never skiied, for example, & in our ski country, that's unusual. Thanks for bringing the topic up.

  6. I've never watched Jersey idea who any of the cast members are except for Snookie and that's only because of SNL.

  7. Hmm...I have never smoked, watched Jersey Shore, or seen Avatar. I also have never seen the Titanic.


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