Slice of Life Story Day 11 The Summer Steps

Every summer thousands of eager beach goers access the steps that provide the closest access to Mills Beach.  On the way down they step eagerly, in their rush and nervous haste. They display an almost cowabunga air as the sea air enters their nostrils and they come in sight of the sea.  

They make light of the beach paraphernalia they carry, - umbrellas, towels, small children, hampers, boogie boards, beach balls, folding chairs and the like.  

Scampering keenly across the burning sand they reach the relative cool of the sand near the water’s edge…

The journey back up the steps generally involves a slow clamber. All the beach gear seems a little heavier this time around and sandy bodies move less freely. The prospect of being greeted by a sun drenched car seat is less than appealing. Small children complain about being tired and whine about sore legs and the sudden need to be carried.  Same steps, different approach...

Now that summer is over the steps are seeing less traffic. Early morning dog walkers come to the beach along with a few hardy swimmers, but the summer rush has faded to an autumn trickle.


  1. Your posts always raise my awareness to normal living events that have escaped my observation. Maybe some of this keen observation will rub off on me as I continue to read your posts. Thank you.

  2. Your words paint such wonderful word pictures. They flow so smoothly.

  3. The end of summer is so far away from us on the east coast of the US. Just as far away as it was to spend the first week on March away in Aruba, but as you write Alan there's more to it... there's the authentic flavor of life removed from ours and I love it,


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