Slice of Life Story - Up Early And On The Way

Today I was up at 5.20am in order to work at a school in Melbourne’s west. When I left home it was 6.30am and still dark outside. The morning was mild and the sound of birdsong muted. The warble of magpies had not begun, although in the distance the cackle of the kookaburras was noticeable. Like me they were out and about early. The difference being that I rarely cackle in the morning. It often takes me some time before I can open both eyes simultaneously.

If I leave at this time, the journey only takes me a little over 75 minutes. It places me marginally ahead of the morning rush. If I leave any later, the trip becomes a stop start crawl than can take almost two hours. The choice is a no brainer really. Commuter chaos is not an attractive option. So up, and on the road early is the way to go.
I arrived at the school a good hour before school commenced. This allowed me time to settle into the day ahead, fine tune my demonstration lessons, organize resources and check in with teachers. The early get up paid dividends at the work place. The day unfolded smoothly and I departed at day’s end well pleased with the gains made.


  1. Alan, do you have Starbucks in Australia or something similar. I would think today would have been the perfect day for A LOT of coffee.

  2. I always love feeling calm throughout the day, rather than rushed and stressed. I am glad that you were able to have a great day based on your preparation.


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