Slice of Life Story - Under The Milky Way Tonight

I’m standing in front of our house it is late in the evening and I am patiently waiting for our little dog Boo to do what dog’s need to do at the end of the day. It is a surprisingly mild evening for March and as Boo scratches and sniffs about, I wait patiently like a supervising parent.  I look skyward. There is the hint of a breeze this evening and the trees whisper a kind of lullaby.

The night sky is clear and my eyes connect with a glittering star garden. I can see for a million miles tonight but I have no interest in going anywhere at this particular moment.
I stand in awe and wonder as this magnificent sparkling extravaganza; this blanket of stars holds me mesmerized. I begin looking for the Southern Cross constellation. As a young boy I would lie in bed and stare out my window at the night sky. The moon would shine on me. My recollection of this childhood memory is immediate and strong.

As Boo trots back to me, snuffling and brushing against my leg in a sign that she is ready to go back inside, I glance up one last time. Under the milky way tonight, I have enjoyed this small moment. It is a great finale to my day.


  1. Why don't we spend more time looking up at the stars when we read adulthood?

  2. I have always loved the piece of lyrics: "When you see the southern cross for the first time". I have never seen it, and always tell people to look for it, if they're going to the other hemisphere. I am so ignorant I did not know that you see the Milky Way. I only see the Milky Way when I go to the United States. There is too much pollution and ground light to see it where I live.
    I like the picture of your dog Boo. Dogs often give us the time to stop and watch things.

  3. We also have too much light pollution to see hardly any stars. The only time I see the Milky Way is when we go camping in Southern Utah, far away from cities and pollution.

    I'm envious!


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