Slice of Life Story - At the Airport And Ready For Some Chillaxing

Today I flew to Brisbane for a few days of relaxation at Broadbeach on Queensland’s Gold Coast. My frequent flyer points made this flight cost free. However, it was a no frills flight and the only item they didn’t charge customers for was the air we breathed.

Broadbeach is slightly south of Surfer’s Paradise and is a destination favoured by snowbirds. It is some time since I was last here and development continues to leave its indelible mark on this coastal Mecca. This area is Australia’s Florida. The people of the Australia southern states flock here, particularly in the winter months, when the local population swells. It is currently school holiday time and children are everywhere in profuse numbers. The air here is warm and heavy. Dense cumulonimbus clouds blanket the sky and one senses rain is never far away. A sense of languidness pervades the action of people out and about on the streets. The pace is suitably slow. You feel your shoulders relaxing....
I find airports fascinating places for people watching. I wonder about their lives and their destinations. All those people gather in the one place before launching themselves in so many different directions and for a multitude of reasons. There are times when I wish I could interview them and create a documentary on destinations. I sat next to a man on the plane who seemed a little agitated. He had my favoured aisle seat. His legs never stopped moving throughout the two hour flight. He read his newspaper from front to back before starting again. When we landed and the seat belt sign was extinguished, he was out of his seat as if propelled. I was left wondering was he always like this?, or did something happen within the last twenty four hours that has created this tension within him?
Anyway for the next few days, my aim is ‘chillaxation’ -a new word I discovered in an airline advertisement this morning...


  1. Sounds like a great beinning to your holiday. People watching is one of my favorite activities in restaurants and in airplanes. My husband,jokingly, will ask me when we deplane, "So what was going on around us today?"


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