Slice of Life Story - The Age of the Sage

Ah Saturday! -A chance to let your thoughts meander a little. For reasons I can’t fully explain my thoughts today are about becoming venerable. I have reached that age where I feel a little more qualified to offer sagely advice. Advice acquired from the wisdom that living brings. Maybe one day I could squat in a cave on the side of a remote mountain and deliver one off advice to confused and worried souls. They could climb up to my humble abode and I could provide the name of that tune they have been humming for days but for the life of them cannot recall the title. Now that would be fulfilling. I know how annoying it is to have an unrecognisable tune circling your brain like a blow fly in a jar. I might also offer one off pieces of advice to soothe trouble minds. So if this is to be my future career move, I need to develop a manifesto:

The Wright Thoughts

Embrace simple pleasures
Take time to listen to music every day
Always wear comfortable underwear
If the sign says fast food think about it slowly
Don’t meditate in the middle of the road
Stop feeling guilty if your favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla
Hold hands
Wherever you are- be there!
Try to find a job that brings you satisfaction
Make certain the person you marry is your best friend
Avoid conservatives. They only want to paint the town beige.
Don’t throw bricks straight up
Sleep in a comfortable bed
Sand between your toes is okay. Sand in your shorts isn’t
Never wear tight clothes on a long trip
Put things back the way you found them- except large maps.
Don’t be afraid to pick up litter
Never take the words I love you for granted
Remember its just one big ocean- keep it clean
Don’t feel guilty about disliking cats
Go to Venice at least once in your life
Every stop is a place to start
You are not an adult until you’ve cleaned gunk out of the sink with your bare hands.
Always take your socks off before you get into bed
Drive until you come to a T intersection if that’s what you want to do
Never forget that sheep are stupid
Breathe in, breathe out, move on (Thank you JB)
Laugh at yourself. Seriously, don’t take yourself too seriously
Don’t worry if you get tongue tied trying to pronounce Namibia
Play hide and seek in the supermarket occasionally
Listen to the songs of birds
Lie on the grass and watch the clouds float past –but not during a thunderstorm!
Never pee into the wind or dare someone to slap you in the face with a wet fish
Skip down the street if the mood takes you.
Grow old disgracefully
It’s possible to be a devotee of  Vivaldi and Jimmy Buffett simultaneously
Anyone can be a poet
A piece of technology may be idiot proof but not teacher proof
Kids are different
Once you've seen one shopping centre, you've seen a mall
Write! It enables you to live life twice!

Further consideration about a prospective future as an oracle leads me to think more about caves; the associated cold and dampness and the prospect of sharing with bats. Afterall, my knees are somewhat arthritic already. So, I am now reconsidering my future plans. Maybe it might be simpler to envision a future as a balloon seller?


  1. Damn, I could post my comment...sometimes this world makes me crazy...
    Okay, trying again...
    I love your list Alan. Love it.
    I was listing my faves just before I was rudely stopped in my tracks.
    Here's a few:
    Write! It enables you to live life twice!
    Avoid conservatives. They only want to paint the town beige.- perfect for the coming health care vote in the US tomorrow.
    Have a good one,

  2. What a great list!!! It is chockfull of sage advice!!! However, I'm conservative and I don't want to paint the town beige...I would choose a much brighter color as I was singing Margaritaville.

  3. Nice list.
    I like: Lie on the grass and watch the clouds float past –but not during a thunderstorm!


  4. Great list-- you totally had me until the disliking cats line, I'm a bit too felinophilous to let that go.

  5. That's a great list to live by.

  6. I love your list. I bet each thought has a slice of life story hiding behind it. I'm especially curious about the slap in the face with a wet fish. :)


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