Slice of Life Story - Coffee and Karma

I am sitting in my preferred coffee haunt Via Boffe, looking out the window, as I enjoy a coffee fix and make notes in my writer’s notebook. I am stunned to see a car do a three point turn on busy Main Street on street market day!

The car swings into the disabled parking space directly in front of the café. I am transfixed by the audacity of the driver. Two large, able bodied women emerge from the car and remove bundles of assorted bedding, including a duvet from the rear of the car. They cross the road looking somewhat like floating fluffy clouds, walking in the direction of the dry cleaning shop presumably. They return shortly, minus the load of bedding, remove two handbags from the car, before heading off to explore nearby shops.

About ten minutes later a parking officer; the kind renowned for eating their own young appears and duly places a parking infringement notice on the car’s windscreen. I believe I have witnessed karma.


  1. Very interesting Blog...!!!:D

  2. I love the image of the ladies looking like they are floating. And I just can't understand why people continue to ignore those signs!

  3. I can go to my rest now. Usually whenever I witness a flagrant infraction, there's never a police officer around to get them. But now! From the other side of the world! A great story that tells me what you said yourself in your post: karma does exist.

    Great way to begin my day--


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