Slice of Life Story -Savouring Small Moments

I woke early this morning. I woke in the twilight zone –that brief period of half light just before sunrise. Outside the bedroom window a chorus of pre dawn birdsong drew my immediate attention. A cacophony of noise, sounding like an orchestra in warm up phase grew in intensity as I slowly emerged from a state of sleep.

Fully awake, I marvelled at the intensity of the chirruping. I was mesmerized by the massed voices of the winged warblers; their voices merging and colliding in the morning air as they strived to outsing one another.

After a time, the volume subsided somewhat, and identifiable voices emerged. The lilting song of the thrush contrasting with the sharp shrill song of the parrots, the joyful cackle of the kookaburras and the soft, low cooing of the doves.

The volume softened further until it was merely a twitter, before the carolling of the magpies rose up. What a glorious and somehow fitting finale they provided. This symphony of the morning had heralded the dawn of a new day and as I lay there in my bed, relishing those precious minutes before I hit the ground running, I reflected on how fortunate I had been to hear this morning performance. Small moments and simple pleasures are there to be savoured.


  1. A beautiful portrayal of nature! And a wonderful way to wake up.


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