Slice of Life Story - Becoming A Life Long Reader

Today I am flying to Sydney to spend some quality time reading, sharing books, playing games, and generally having fun with Cooper, my grandson. The fact that we live in different cities makes the time we spend together all the more important. Cooper is three years old and has wonder in his eyes. He loves having books read to him, so my suitcase will contain some new titles for us to share.

Multiple readings go with the experience. The phrase-“Read it again!” is a familiar refrain when Cooper and I gather to share books. He will ask me to come sit somewhere he considers special so we may have a ‘chit chat’ (his term, not mine) The last time we sat down for an in depth discussion the topic was ‘roofs,’ Cooper chose the topic and away we went. I look forward to new revelations and discoveries.

By the time Cooper reaches school he will clearly possess that essential set of literary understandings that the late Don Holdaway identified so many years ago. He has been launched on the journey to becoming a life long reader and I look forward to sharing the wonders of books with him for as long as possible.


  1. That's a wonderful foundation between the two of you and hopefully your relationship with him will continue to fuel his passion when it might be challenged along life's pathway.
    I am proud to say that my nephew is a life-long reader and writer at the age of 25. My fingers are crossed for Cooper,

  2. Sounds like Cooper is lucky to have such an attentive grandad.




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