Upcoming Events:

2019 Events:

April 23 - 'Writing Review' Dorset Primary School

April 24-  'Curriculum Day' Rowville Primary School

April 26 - Writing Day, Crib Point Primary School

May 2 - In Pursuit of Poetry -Crib Point Primary School 

May 9 - Poetry, Crib Point Primary School

July 9- 12  -'ALEA National Conference' Melbourne, Victoria, Poetry Workshop

July 17 - 'Writing Day' Bialek College, Hawthorn

July 23 - 'Writing Review' Dorset Primary School

August 14 - 'Beyond the Bell' Literacy Festival Portland-Hamilton, Victoria

August 19 - Darwin, N.T.  Schools

October 22 - 'Writing Review' Dorset Primary School

November 7- 'Writing Day' Bialek College Hawthorn


  1. Hi Allan,
    It's Ben here from sunshine heights and you interviewed me with my friend tynisha. I would just like to say how inspirational your quotes are

  2. Hi Ben, Thank you for your kind remarks. I thought you and Tynisha did a great job with the video interviews. I look forward to letting everyone view it. Some great messages about being writers.


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