Upcoming Events:

2017 Events:

November 21- 'Creating Curious Confident Writers.' PETAA,  Croydon Primary School, Melbourne.

2018 Events:

January 29 - 'Instructional Practice For Writing.' Sunshine Heights Primary School.

January 30- 'The Writer's Notebook- A Writing Resource' Fitzroy North Primary School.

April 9 -  'The Writer As Collector' Port Lincoln, S.A. Area Schools.

July 19 -  'A Close Look At Writing'  Plenty Valley Christian College, Plenty, Victoria

July 23 - 'Looking At Writing Craft and Process', Camelot Rise Primary School.


  1. Hi Allan,
    It's Ben here from sunshine heights and you interviewed me with my friend tynisha. I would just like to say how inspirational your quotes are

  2. Hi Ben, Thank you for your kind remarks. I thought you and Tynisha did a great job with the video interviews. I look forward to letting everyone view it. Some great messages about being writers.


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