About Me

As an education consultant and author I have worked extensively in the United States and Australia, promoting best practice in primary and secondary schools and at a systems level.

Based in New York (2001-2006) I worked across primary, middle and high schools supporting teachers, school districts, regions and school leadership teams, effecting improved learning outcomes for students in literacy.

This consultancy work took me into more than one hundred schools, predominantly in the urban schools of the New York City School System. Working with the New York Board of Education I provided training for literacy coaches for NYC schools, writing curriculum resources, producing instructional videos and providing professional development institutes for teachers across the city. 

During this time I also worked in Baltimore, Saratoga, Pittsburgh and for two years worked extensively in school districts north of New York city including Eastchester, Westchester, Pawling and Beacon.

As an educator within the Victorian school system  I amassed extensive experience as a classroom teacher, staff developer, regional consultant and school administrator (Assistant Principal and Principal). 

Currently, based in Mornington, Victoria, Australia, I am a Director of Alvic Educational Consultancy (created 2006) providing consultancy support across schools and networks. My current work is Australia wide and continues to be focused on delivering effective literacy programs.

I have presented in the areas of school leadership, learning styles, differentiated instruction and the effective teaching of literacy P-12, particularly, reading comprehension, poetry and the craft of writing.

I was a contributing author to Teaching Comprehension, (Aussie Interactive) a professional development course on CD-ROMs for  K-9 teachers.

During my time in the U.S, I was a contributing author for New York City Secondary Schools Handbooks for Adolescent Learners Series.(2004) My writing focused on developing ‘Quality Conversations’ in classrooms. 

My latest latest book is ' What The Poemster Found'(2019) My third poetry anthology. ‘I Bet There's No Broccoli On The Moon' (Poetry for children) was released in November, 2016. My initial poetry book, 'Searching For Hen's Teeth was released in November 2014.

My previous book, ‘Igniting Writing- When A Teacher Writes’ was published by Hawker Brownlow Education, 2011.



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