Matt Glover and Alan Wright in Adelaide in 2017

With the wonderful support of Lisa Burman Consulting, I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting in Adelaide on June 16 alongside, American Educator and Author, Matt Glover. I look forward to being part of this professional learning day. It's a rare opportunity to listen to Matt, while I look forward to sharing insight into how writing can be most effectively presented with older students. Hope to see you in Adelaide.

Matt Glover & Alan Wright in Adelaide 2017!


Matt Glover

Matt Glover is making his first trip to Australia and we have him here in Adelaide! As many of you already know, Matt is one of the key influences in our Bookmaking Approach. In fact, every time I read one of Matt's books, I almost feel like I could have written it, we are so 'in tune' with each other's values and beliefs. The details, including conference titles and content, are still being worked out, but I wanted to share the news with you all so you can share in my excitement! 

Alan Wright

Alan Wright is a sought-after consultant, speaker and "Poet in Residence". He lives to write and inspires many to also live like a writer, closely observing the world, collecting ideas and inspiration in our Writer's Notebooks and crafting words for the most powerful impact on the reader. Alan has worked with children and educators in USA and throughout Australia. His pedagogy perfectly builds on the work of Matt Glover in the Early Years, with a focus on teaching children HOW to write, not what to write. You'll be inspired and also leave with many practical ideas you can bring into your own Writing Workshops. the date/s and include this in your budgets - it will a wonderful opportunity of teams to participate together. Friday 16 June has been purposefully designed to enable schools to have 'Child-free Days'.
Numbers will be strictly limited and registrations will open in Term 1 2017. 
  Thursday 15 June 2017
Making Books Masterclass with Matt Glover
Friday 16 June 2017
Making Books Masterclass with Matt Glover
Writer's Notebook Masterclass with Alan Wright


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