Making Effective Use Of The Writer's Notebook VIDEO

This video is my humble attempt to explain how maintaining a Writer's Notebook assists as a writer and educator. It's another way of sharing experiences. I have been maintaining a Writer's Notebook for almost thirty years and over that time they have undergone much change in content and format. It is an ongoing process.

Hope you see and hear something that resonates with how you see the notebook supporting you as a teacher of writing.


  1. Great job--there were so many moments in this video that resonated with me. Especially the look into your notebooks. I appreciated that you said, "This is ONE way..." I can't be the only one who thought for years that there must be a magic formula!

  2. Deb, thankyou for your comments. I am pleased you picked up on the fact that there is not just one way to work within the notebook pages. We find our own style and we need to offer this sense of 'ownership' and empowerment to our student writers. This was something I wanted to stress in the video. Ah, the elusive magic formula...

  3. Glad to see you back again on TWT. I enjoyed your video, reminding me of what a writers notebook is and can be. I am continually getting people to keep a writers notebook after retiring from teaching a year and a half ago. Surprisingly, adults I know are buying into this activity that I practiced in my classroom. Writing is good for everyone of all ages. If it weren't for writing, my life would be very dull. Thanks again for refreshing my thoughts about writing.

  4. Fantastic Alan!
    Have you thought about making a 'how to' video for teachers just beginning WN with young children? Powerful. Thank you. Going to share with my staff that are a little further along in their journey with WN.


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