Slice of Life Story -Your Time Starts Now!

On Saturday mornings a magazine comes with the newspaper that is delivered to my door. The magazine contains a variety of topical articles, some engaging, some merely page fillers. However, it also contains a regular feature entitled, Your Time Starts Now.

This involves a different person answering a series of pre determined questions each week. I always look forward to reading their responses. I am naturally curious about their experiences in life. I often find myself wondering, how would I respond ? How my answers might differ or equate to those printed before me. So today, I put myself to the task of responding to the questions posed.

My earliest memory: Watching my mother go to hospital in a taxi just prior to the birth of my sister and wondering if she would ever come back. Months earlier, my dog, Buster went to the dog hospital (as my parents put it) and never returned!

My favourite gadget is: My Ipod, nothing else holds a tune to it! Although, I am becoming very attached to my iphone. I am ihooked!

My Father told me: Always put things back where you found them.

It’s not fashionable but I love :
The comfort of my well worn Sperry boat shoes.

At School: I was totally immersed in the social life that surrounded my day.

I wish I had: More time to travel as well as the money it requires.

I’m very bad at: Aerobics
I'm reading: Stephen King, A Memoir to the Craft Writing -On Writing
I'm listening to: Tim Finn, The Conversation

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be: Jimmy Buffett, singer, song writer, author, storyteller and environmental philanthropist.

I wish I’d never worn: That watermelon coloured suit in the seventies!

If I were a car I’d be: Decidedly in need of repair. High mileage, but still willing to climb hills.

When I was a child I wanted to: Be a jockey. My Father told me I was already too heavy and would probably grow up strong enough to carry the horse. I was totally destroyed by this revelation. I was only five years old.


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