Slice of Life Story - Searching For A Solution

Last evening I had dinner with the Governor of Victoria. Well, in actual fact more than three hundred people dined with the Governor, but he was at the next table.

We had gathered together to raise funds and awareness of ovarian cancer. The aim of the evening was to raise funds for much needed research into this mystifying disease.

Each year around the world, 200, 000 new cases of ovarian cancer are reported. Of these, 75% are initially reported in the advanced stages of the disease. This is the baffling challenge faced by science. The symptoms of the disease do not make themselves immediately apparent and subsequently go undetected until they are advanced. Ovarian cancer is a disease that is not respectful of age, so women of all ages are susceptible. I was struck by relatively young age of some of the women afflicted by this disease. A global challenge is under way discover more about this mysterious cancer.

It is re-assuring to know that contributing in this small way may assist those doctors and researchers to continue their much needed work to unlock these medical secrets.

As one of the speakers informed the gathering, every man has someone who could be affected by ovarian cancer –a mother, a wife, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend. The quest for a cure goes on…


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