Slice of Life Story - Scenes that take you back

Today in the company of my grandson,Cooper, I watched an old seaplane take off from Palm Beach, situated on Sydney’s northern beaches. As it gathered speed across the water, the lumbering craft slowly lifted into the air. I felt a sense of relief as I watched it become airborne; the engines whining and straining to deliver the power necessary for lift off. The pontoons that support the plane’s body appearing like oversized feet.
I had instant flashbacks to old black and white movies, Humphrey Bogart, and smugglers. The plane swung back towards the land before passing overhead at a comparatively low altitude.
The entire experience was like a flashback to a bygone era. The small boy that still resides in me and the small boy standing beside me, holding my hand thought the whole scene was just plane wonderful


  1. What a nice way to capture a scene, and offer up a reflection, too. Your last lines here really nudged me nicely.


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