Slice of Life Story - Saturday Newspaper Indulgence

Saturday morning and the pace slows. I gather the morning newspaper, lying in the driveway in front of our house. I then spend the next couple of minutes extricating it from the plastic wrap that is protecting it from the elements. For someone who is keen to get in touch with the news of the moment, this problem solving activity creates some level of frustration.
Once the paper is freed from its cling wrap covering, it is down to some serious reading. The smell of the newsprint and the sheer pleasure I gain from reading the world is all that is needed to activate my Saturday.

Last evening Melbourne suffered an earth tremor that measured 4.6 on the Richter Scale. It was described as an earthquake, but it hardly qualified as such. I was sitting on the couch at the time watching yet another police drama when the room began shaking. It was all over in a matter of a few seconds. I expected this event to make it to the front page of this morning's news, but no, it received three paragraphs on Page three.

Newspapers do hold the eminent news position they once held, but because I have always read them, I remain loyal. Mind you, I also get my news from the internet, just in case events have been updated. I also receive news feeds on my phone, so I pretty much have it covered.

I am grateful to newspapers though, because they played a significant part in my becoming a reader. As a child, I scoured the newspaper each day for sporting results and articles. In those far off days, I would begin reading from the back of the newspaper because that is where you found all the sports related information. Sport was my passion. These days, I begin at the front and gradually work my way to the sporting section. My need for a sporting fix has lessened. My needs and interests have broadened considerably. However, newspapers remain part of my morning routine and sniffing around in the newsprint remains an enduring pleasure.


  1. I love a big, fat Sunday paper even thought I'm never able to finish it. Great description of your ritual.


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