Slice of Life Story - Meeting With A Blue Tongue

Today our dog Boo found a large lizard at the bottom of the garden. Boo is an exceptional little dog. Highly intelligent, loving, and extremely quiet; she rarely barks, so she has no future as a watch dog. However, when Boo and the lizard crossed paths, she began uttering a throaty noise that drew my attention and so I felt compelled to check things out.

I initially thought she was choking on a large bone, or something similar. I found her standing a suitably safe distance from a large Blue Tongue lizard, doing her best imitation of a bark. It was akin to a throaty cough. It was difficult not to laugh. The lizard slid away to a less threatening section of the garden and Boo, suitably impressed with her efforts as a canine warning device, followed me back to the house.

I sat down in the study and Boo took up her usual position lying on top of my foot and snoozing while I worked at the computer. Her adventures of doggy derring-do were over for the day it seemed. I resumed my writing focus after this brief distraction, content in the knowledge that we were safe from uninvited reptiles.


  1. Cute story, cute dog, really interesting (and even cute) lizard! That is a seriously blue tongue. Are they dangerous at all?


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