Slice of Life Story - Mystery of the Stolen Olives

In our front garden stands a single olive tree that was planted about nine years ago. From the outset it has been a prolific provider of olives. Interestingly for the past three years someone has arrived in the dark of night and harvested the entire crop of olives. We have been shocked to discover our favourite olive tree devoid of olives. Whoever is perpetrating this nefarious act is meticulous –as well as sneaky. Not a single olive is left behind, whether on the tree, or on the ground surrounding the tree. It is a continuing mystery. A conundrum of puzzling proportions.

I have made enquiries with an Italian friend of mine, an olive expert, in the hope of finding a solution. I thought maybe the curse of Strega-Nona might be able to be invoked. My friend suggested hanging an evil eye ornament in the tree as a deterrent to any would be olive-nappers. Close circuit video for a single olive tree may be considered a tad extreme, and sleeping under the tree in June is a health hazard. Naturally, I remain perplexed by this continuing theft.

At present the tree shows the beginnings of another bountiful harvest. Small green olives hang in abundance from its branches. Come late June they will be black, plump and ready for harvesting. The process of curing them should begin. I am full of anticipation. I feel the writer within should be able to make use of this real life mystery taking place on my doorstep –well, not far from it!


  1. Hey Alan, you can have all of my olives! Ours just fall to the ground. Isn't curing them a big pain? Or is it one of those processes that teaches patience? Having tried to pick an olive tree, I am amazed that they get them all off in one night. It's a messy, big job, I think.

    Great post--


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