Slice of Life Tuesday- Time For Tea

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Sitting in the mid-morning light of day my thoughts land on the idea of enjoying a cup of tea. The sun is ever so slowly warming to its task. By mid-afternoon it may bring soothing warmth to my shoulders. Right now the air is still crisp after a rather cold night. Remnants of dew linger on the wooden deck and on the hydrangeas. This is the pattern of recent days. Cool nights followed by days of clear blue skies and a brief burst of mild sunshine. 

My choice of tea slides mostly between Earl Grey and Green tea. I take my tea with no sugar and no milk. I like to share a cup of tea with someone. I rarely drink tea alone. I was trained by my parents to view drinking tea as a social occasion. To sit and ruminate is a simple pleasure. Action plans are streamlined. Review and reflection frequently occurs. Often speculation drops into a conversation. Dreams and plans can find a spark at this time too. Matters may be resolved. Tea helps a conversation flow it seems. I also use tea drinking as a break from writing at the computer.

When I was growing up it seemed there was only black tea in our house and the tea of choice was always Robur tea. Now, there are so many tea choices. We even have a dedicated tea shop in my town. It is there that I learned of the existence of white tea, harvested from the freshest tips of the tea plant. Tea drinkers are now spoilt for choice. Australians have traditionally been tea drinkers. Tea came to our shores with the British immigrants and has flourished. We also have a strong coffee culture.  

Tea drinkers are strongly represented in my family. My parents were such devoted tea drinkers. It punctuated their day. When visitors came calling, they were immediately offered a cup of tea. When a crisis arose, they had a cup of tea to contemplate their response. When things slowed around the house, it became time to have a ‘cuppa.’  

I recall my father consistently uttering the words, ‘Ah Robur,” following his first sip of each cup of tea. Tea was a time spacer throughout my parent’s day. It kick started their day and provided the necessary bookend at bedtime. 

So I’ll finish here – I think I need a cuppa.

A Time Before Tea Bags

In the days before tea bags
My parents stored
Loose black tea
In a large blue tin
With the word Robur
Emblazoned on it
-Their tea of choice

Tea leaves were regularly scooped out
Using a shallow brass spoon
A spoon dedicated to this singular task
-A tea scoop

They had no need for watches and clocks
It was forever tea time
Time for a cuppa
Accompanied by fine china cups and saucers
And a dash of conversation
Teapot and strainer
Rising steam
Milk, sugar
Slow sips
And my father uttering yet again,
Ah, Robur
As he gently raised the cup to his lips

Alan j Wright

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  1. Sweet memories. I will only drink herbal tea for health benefits, but I can appreciate your tender thoughts. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Sweet memories indeed- and all without the addition of sugar! Thank you for the kind words.

  2. I love how the poem intersects with the first half of your post. Lovely.

    1. Thank you Beth. The piece came to me and then I remembered the poem. I then sat them down together and helped them connect.

  3. After reading this, I feel the need for a cuppa. :-) Warm memories found in a cup of tea.


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