Slice of Life Tuesday - Coffee and The Silver Foiled Alien

Foiled Again

Today I was sitting in my favourite coffee haunt, the Filling Station Café enjoying (not surprisingly) a coffee and some notebook jottings, amid quiet contemplation time. Two women sat opposite me having a rather public discussion about a private family matter concerning a marriage break up and child custody. An elderly man read the day’s news as he awaited salvation in the form of a cappuccino to go.

I gaze out the café window and encounter a woman leaving the hairdresser’s shop adjacent to where I am sitting. She has a towel draped across her shoulders and what appears to be a large solar panel on her head. She is a vision splendid in silver foil. Her silver-ness gleams in the feint Autumn sunlight of this somewhat cool morning.

She narrows the distance between the two shops in a flash, before opening the door and entering the coffee shop. She is an alien apparition among the coffee crowd. She orders a take-away latte then waits beside the counter, her silver headgear all a glitter. It’s hard not to stare. I try to think of it like an eclipse, only grabbing furtive glimpses, in case it blinds me. 

For me, this is like being privy to secret women’s business. I am witnessing a hitherto unseen phase of the hair beautification process. The cloak of mystery has been ripped off like a band-aid. If I may use another analogy- the cake has been removed from the oven before it has fully risen.

Although it would appear the process still has some distance to go judging by her silvery thatch. It’s like going to the supermarket still wearing your pyjamas. Wait – I’ve seen people do that too! 

The raw truth of hairdressing has been thrust into the public arena. No mystique here. Coming, ready or not! She orbits back to the hairdresser’s, lugging her latte.

It was a bit confronting really. A bit like going backstage and seeing all the going on, prior to the actual performance. Those of us pondering our morning coffee got to witness the ugly truth about the steps often required to achieve beautiful hair.  Sharing this might have been a no-no once, but it seems the lines of propriety have become somewhat blurred.

That’s change for you. Such revelations often leave me skull-rubbing mystified. I can’t speak for the others who shared the sight of Foil Woman. A TMI moment for me though. 

Personally, I enjoy a bit of mystique. Then again, it provided me with this slice and gave my day a point of difference, so I should reserve a little gratitude for the silver invader.


  1. The view from the window ... and the mysteries of our daily lives. A perfect slice!

    1. The writer as observer Kevin? Glad you liked it

  2. I enjoyed the details of your slice! I never thought of hairstyling as a mystery...makes sense, from your point of view.

    1. From my point of view Chris I'm happy for certain aspects of the process to remain mysterious. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. An absolutely delightful description of the invasion of Foil Woman!

    1. Thanks Elsie. A writer should be prepared for the unexpected and be ready to capture it. A small yet write worthy moment.


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