Writers And the Gathering Of Ephemera

When I secure these items in my notebook, it’s because I want them to last. I am consciously extending the life of these items.  

Their preservation is important to me. I want them to act as memory markers. We writers are magpies; collectors of ephemera. The stuff we rescue may turn out to be important records of life and social customs, popular culture and national events and issues. Who knows?  And while it may also be viewed as treasure by the gatherer, it may seem insignificant to another. The value is in the meaning the item holds for the bearer. 

These various artifacts assist me to stay in touch with actual experiences. They become markers of my life’s journeys. They stimulate my recall.

Each time i paste new items into my notebook, they speak to me, stimulating my recall. I linger as they announce their potential as future writing ideas. 

I often leave space around these items. This allows me to return at a future date to further explore the memories they dredge up. They possess a special magic. This is a magic powerful enough to reclaim long forgotten memories.

Sometimes this ephemera just sits between the pages waiting patiently to be rediscovered. I can never be quite sure what piece of ‘stuff’ I will settle upon in the future. It is only in the critical act of rereading these precious pages that musty memories are given the opportunity to spark into life.  Maybe the spark created will explode into words to be shared with a wider audience.


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