Part 2 - I'm Not Persuaded About Persuasive Writing Approaches

Writing To Influence Others

Writer’s workshop should not remain unaffected by the reading and talking and inquiring that occurs around issues. The sometimes sophisticated conversations that take place in your classroom should find a voice in the writing students undertake. How do we assist students to move from superficial entries to critical examination of inquiry findings? Can we use this lens to change the way students write about issues? How do we assist the power and the passion of student views to filter into their writing?

A classroom conversation might begin thus: 

‘It’s time to make people in and out of school think and talk about some of the real world issues we have been examining.’

Encourage Students to consider the following with their notebook entries:

  • Do some pieces stand out for you?
  • Place a sticker next to any section of your writing that sounds especially interesting. If you have explored any big themes and ideas in your writing, write them at the top of your notebook page.
  • How can you include your notebook entries in a piece of writing that will make readers have big conversations.
  • Will you use fiction or non fiction to explore your theme?
*This is a critical decision and requires adequate discussion.

As students identify themes they wish to explore, chart their ideas on paper. Impress upon them the importance of these themes and how their writing can be influential in effecting change. This is critical if students are to view themselves as purposeful and powerful writers. Students begin to use writing as a tool for exploring and generating social awareness and social action.They begin to move beyond a focus on themselves exclusively.

Blending the personal and the social into a hybrid genre 'social narrative' brings power and purpose to writer’s workshop. Writers come together to discover social /environmental themes and issues that effect the lives of earth’s inhabitants.

Students take on the identities, dilemmas and obstacles confronting themselves and others and this influences they way they approach writing.

They can use fiction and non fiction to construct and analyse shared social and environmental worlds

The notion of writing as social action and broadcasting is thus enhanced.


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