Slice of Life Tuesday: Writer's Notebook -Beginnings and Endings

A new writer’s notebook…

I hold mixed feelings about commencing a new notebook. I am quite excited about the prospect of filling the fresh pages of a brand new book. I embrace the challenge. To see my words spread out and over the sparkling white pages is a buzz for a writer. It is exciting. I’m involved in the act of capturing the raw stuff of my writing life and bringing order to my messy mind. The harvesting of words and ideas adds to the energy of writing in this new place. I am like the farmer who ploughs a new field.

I make a conscious decision to choose a new notebook with different dimensions to its predecessor. The notebook I have chosen this time is smaller than the one just completed. Its covers are sturdier. It will, I expect take less time to fill. I embrace its unique shape and form. I am keen to shape each new notebook in a way that establishes its difference from previous notebooks. The contents will add further to the individuality.

I am also feeling a sense of loss…

I am saying farewell to a friend. I am saying goodbye to a travelling companion. The notebook I have just completed has been with me every day for the past few months. Everywhere I have been, it has been there too. When I leave the house, I go through the same routine in my head –keys, phone, wallet, writer’s notebook. This notebook now bulges like a well fed belly. -A notebook crammed with gathered thoughts, ideas and potential treasures to spark more detailed writing pieces.

It will gradually cease to be my travelling companion. As my new notebook begins to fill, it will reach a point where it will contain sufficient content to travel solo. The retired notebook will continue to play an active role in my writing life though. It will join an ever expanding library of notebook that I periodically revisit and reread. I am conscious of the vital role rereading plays in informing my writing ideas. It is from reading old entries new ideas frequently emerge. I will adopt the role of treasure hunter while I reread. It will be a reunion with an old friend.
My completed notebook


  1. I love the image of the notebook filled like a well fed belly. I envy the rhythm you have with your notebooks. I have yet to develop that rhythm. I have notebooks but they are not my constant companion who holds my thinking/observing. I need to be more intentional in collecting my words. Thanks for sharing, you push me to try a bit more.

  2. I enjoy looking at my old notebooks, too, and find surprises often, or they call me back into old times. Nice to hear, and see, about your old friend, and wonder what the next one will hold.

  3. If the cover is an indication of the pages inside, I think when you reread as a treasure hunter your search will uncover some gems. I like the photo of your notebook... I think it's great that it says "just listen" and "U turn permitted." I like the strip of photos at the bottom. I wonder what the D in the circle means and why there is a bar code.

  4. The notebook you're giving up is like a traveling companion: worn and trusted. Moving to a new one always gave me pause. I can relate to that sad feeling, but yet there is so much to look forward to with the next one.

    I recently started using digital writer's notebooks with Noteshelf. I'm wondering if I keep it up and don't go back to paper, do I run the risk of losing the feeling of never finishing another notebook again?

  5. You make me think that I should gather "by hand" instead of always on the computer. I hold new notebooks fresh and blank, afraid to soil them with messy work. I am inspired.


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