Slice of Life Tuesday Greedy Pig Poems (Soundcloud)

During the just completed Slice of Life March Story Challenge I was alerted to the potential of Sound cloud for sharing information. I have fellow slicer,  Kevin Hodgson to thank for bringing this App to my attention. Kevin uses Soundcloud regularly, and effectively, so I am following his lead and venturing into a new realm...

Today, I am repackaging a couple of poems I wrote some years ago as part of  the 'Greedy Pig, Greedy Pig' collection of food inspired verse for young readers.

Soggy Beans In My Jeans

Pasta Joke

Poem by Alan j Wright, illustrations by Terry Denton


 Auntie Bess I must confess

I didn’t eat my greens

When you got up to make dessert

I hid them in my jeans

I then walked home to my place

As quiet as a mouse

My pockets full of soggy beans

Until I reached my house

Well, that was many years ago

And I was just a kid

And still, I don’t like soggy beans

-I Never Ever Did!

Alan j Wright


  1. Oh, Soggy Beans has to be my favorite, I reminded me of hiding food in my napkin as a child. Too funny!

  2. I love to hear the voice behind the poet. Great stuff--fun and spirited.

  3. Love the sound of the poems and of your voice.

  4. I love hearing the inflection and pauses in your voice. What an awesome tool!

  5. Soggy beans reminds me of my constant fear of when my own two kids will realize that the dogs are eagerly waiting to eat the food that the kids dislike!

    I'm going to have to share these poems with my daughter as I know she'll get a kick out of them. I love the humour and, as another poster said, the opportunity to hear the voice of the poet.


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