Digital Storytelling- Death Alley Walk, Legian,Bali

A recent break in Bali enabled me to enlist my writer's notebook and camera in a joint venture. In recent days they have assisted me to create a digital story based on a setting I find fascinating. I share it with you now.

Digital story telling represents a further opportunity to share our writing lives with an audience.  I shared my digital story with two grade four classes in the hope that it sparks possibilities for them as writers.


  1. Very interesting video Alan! How many people have died there? Are there any stats? The music made it kind if haunting and mysterious...

  2. Not sure how many people have died there Amy, but the name says it all. The overwhelming use of motorcycles, scooters in Bali, make it a place to be continually watchful when moving about. I'm pleased you found the music suitable to create that atmosphere.


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