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Remembering Donald Graves

Donald Graves, an educator who had a tremendous impact on the teaching of writing, passed away last week. Donald Graves had a great impact on the teaching of Writing in Australia as well as the US. From a personal perspective, Donald Graves greatly influenced my teaching of writing. His impact in my classroom was profound.  His books continue to hold a special place in my library. His legacy continues to influence many of things we hold to be true about how to effectively teach writing. Donald Graves was a beacon among writing educators.
Vale Donald.

'When children feel in control of their writing their dedication is such that they violate the child labour laws. We could never assign what they choose to do.'
Donald Graves

Stenhouse Publishing Editorial Director Philippa Stratton offers this reflection:

The National Council of Teachers of English will hold a special session…

Sustaining Energy in Writer's Workshop

Ann Marie Corgill, author of Of Primary Importance, has taught writing workshop in grades as low as first and as high as sixth. In this recent Choice Literacy podcast with fellow author Franki Sibberson (Beyond Leveled Books), Ann Marie talks about the differences and similarities of running writing workshops with various age groups:

Follow the link to Choice Literacy to read this article on sustaining energy around Writer's workshop across a range of Grade levels.