Writers Make Observations

Every now and then I witness something that is just a little outside the norm. To someone else it may not register in this way, but for me it strikes a chord that says Hey, you don’t see that all the time. Whilst having a coffee in my hometown Mornington (A regular holiday treat ) and indulging in a healthy slice of people watching, I noticed a middle aged women at a nearby table who at first glance appeared to be a sporty type, dressed as she was in sports shoes, lycra cycling shorts and wearing a weather proof dayglo jacket. I thought she was either a walker, or a gym junkie. Then I noticed that she was working her way through an enormous slab of cheesecake, which seemed a little incongruous, given my initial appraisal.

Then to add to my confusion I noticed she was reading a comic. Not something you see all that often. But, it wasn’t just an ordinary comic, oh no. This cheesecake eating, athletic looking, middle aged female was reading a Phantom comic. She was a fan of the ghost who walks. This behaviour fell way outside the group norm. The ghosts of my own childhood reminded me that I stopped reading Phantom comics at approximately twelve years of age. It was a reminder that we should always expect the unexpected. I should have investigated further. Maybe she was wearing a phantom ring?

Sometimes a simple observation can trigger a strong connection...


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