Sharing Our Writers Notebooks

I am grateful to Amy Ludwig Vanderwater for hosting my latest blog on her blog site, Sharing Our NotebooksA writer and teacher, Amy's first poetry book, FOREST HAS A SONG, will be published by Clarion in 2013.

Amy's blog highlights pages from a variety of notebooks users and includes notebooks that are paper based, digital, napkin, and so on.  It provides the reader with multiple opportunities to learn how students, authors, artists, teachers, and people of all backgrounds who use notebooks to strengthen their thinking. Amy hopes that after reading these posts it might inspire the viewer to try something new in their own writing, drawing, thinking...

Each post is completely in the words of the notebook-keeper, and all notebook entries, sketches, and writing remain property of the authors and artists.

I commend this blog to you. I see it as a great resource; particularly for those just beginning the notebook experience,-teacher or student. I applaud Amy for her vision in setting this up. I feel honored to have been able to participate in this worthwhile project. 

You can check out some of my notebook pages at

Hope you like what you see...


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