Slice of Life Story Challenge -REFLECTION March 2012

It is said that it is the journey not the destination that is important and there is ample evidence that is indeed true. This is my fourth March SLICE of Life Story Challenge. Each year it is like returning to visit with old friends. A reunion of like minds creates a sense of shared celebration.

Each year I participate in the Slice of Life Story Challenge I gain a stronger appreciation that part of this journey involves exploring self. I have also been able to learn of the common bonds we share when reading the words of fellow writers. These experiences allow me to contemplate and connect, despite the geographical differences.

I have gained an enhanced appreciation of the happiness that resides in the present moment. When we learn to do this, we cease borrowing from the bank of future hope. I make discoveries, -words, phrases, ideas and the optimism that resides in the attitudes of my fellow writers. Involvement in this writing project enables me to give and receive feedback with respect to the words generated by other participants. As writers and life long learners this psychological stroking is vital to our persistence.

Taking part in this project requires a fair degree of self discipline to write and post a slice of life entry each and every day. For a start, we encounter the natural barriers that our busy lives unexpectedly throw up. We embrace the challenge presented. It drives us on…

A real positive  of SOLSC is the sense of community one obtains when feedback is given and received. It is the responses that make it so worthwhile. To hear of common experiences, to hear of wonder and curiosity, to hear of empathy, excitement and joy is what sustains us all. I love the sense of honesty and implied trust.  I have immense admiration for those who create time to comment so regularly. They display great stickability, dodging the barriers the internet throws up on regular intervals. I salute you all!

The words of Jimmy Buffett often come floating back to me when concluding any project

Feel it all with a willing heart
Every stop, there's a place to start
If you know how to play the part with feeling
I play with feeling

(Le vie Dansante)

So, for me it’s all about taking part, being involved, playing with feeling. No matter whether it’s a writing project or any curve ball life throws my way.

Congratulations and sincere thanks again go to Ruth and Stacy, for initiating this challenging, yet compelling quest. Like a moth to a flame, I find myself drawn to the task of composing my daily slice of life and the discipline required is rewarded each day.

The number of participants is growing –a great sign of the SOLSC's healthy condition and appeal. Initially, I was the token Australian. That too is changing. As participants, we are so far flung, yet we are united in purpose and support for each others efforts as writers. This unity of purpose is adding to the light that shines around our words.

Another March of rich memories is now captured in words –Wonderful to look back over. The words are still warm to the touch…


  1. Your post sums it up very well, Alan! I have enjoyed my first SOLSC immensely. Until this challenge, I never realized how essential commenting was. Normally, I would visit a plethora of blogs and although I enjoyed them, I wouldn't take the extra time to comment. However, this experience has changed all that. It definitely is a "psychological stroking vital to our persistence."

    Congrats on your fourth SOLSC!

  2. I am glad for the SOLSC too. It has been so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. Thanks for all your posts, and for your own comments on the posts (mine and the others.) I found this experience to be so valuable, and I'm looking forward to continuing my writing habit!


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