Reading and Writing and Living in Summer

As the New Year takes shape, I am refreshed. I am ready to share. However, I understand it is important to go away for a while. It makes you more fully appreciate the sweetness wrapped around coming back and reconnecting.

I have been immersing myself fully in life and enjoying my work break while continuing to view life through the eyes and ears of a writer. I have been away from this location for over a month, but I have been idle- well, maybe a little. 

During the Australian summer, my writing time has been spent collecting thoughts and ideas in my notebook. My notebook is my constant companion. It is where I detail what has caught my attention. -Things others may have overlooked. To quote Kevin Coyne, ‘Writing happens everywhere and always, whenever your mind encounters a thought it wants to wrap words around.’ Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been attempting to do.  

 I have also taken the opportunity to indulge in some much needed summer reading. I know it is essential to my writing. I have been building my own tower of summer reads. There is a comfort in knowing you don’t have to put the reading off until tomorrow. Today is a fine time to read a little more.

I have also spent considerable time working on my next book. For this, I have sought the silence necessary to enable me to say the things I want to say. Progress has been made I’m pleased to report.

I have spent precious time relaxing with family and friends. It is in these interactions that the heart and soul is nourished. Spending time in the world beyond my immediate writing, allows me to return with new insights, new understandings, new enthusiasm.

My favourite little dog, Boo and I have done a lot of walking and exploring around my neighbourhood.  I have drunk a lot more coffee than I normally do. I have drunk my wines of choice. I have taken lots of photographs. I have written poetry. I have watched the cricket. I have cooked up a storm with the guidance of my favourite food guru, Yotam Ottolenghi.  I have written and read in cafes. I have retired to the beach with a book, a chair and an umbrella when I felt like a writing break.  I’ve relaxed, smiled and had fun. I have absorbed life.

I hope 2014 is proving to be a year of much promise for everyone. 

'You have to boldly take inspiration where you can get it.'
Peter Brown


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