The Slice of Life Writing Challenge for March

I am again participating in this year’s Slice of Life Writing Challenge set up and run by two amazing educators –Two Writing Teachers, Stacey Shubitz and Ruth Ayres. This will be the fifth year for this writing initiative. I have taken part since 2009.
Participants have to create a slice of life writing piece each day for the month of March. The aim is to write and share a story about an aspect of your day, your life, your thoughts for the entire month. Each year I find myself meeting the challenge, - Difficult though it seems given time constraints of work and the time differential between Australia and America. It becomes an irresistible force for the writer within to meet the deadline each day.

Should You  Choose To Accept This Challenge…

I am hoping that some of you might take this opportunity to extend your own writing by taking up this challenge too. It might seem like a big commitment, but that’s why it’s a challenge. You could use an existing school blog or create your own. You could encourage students to participate with you. You could share the writing task.

So, every day you write a Slice of Life Story, please head over to the blog’s main page and post the link to your post by submitting a comment on that day’s post prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (Australia) 

 You can grab the colour coded buttons (Link directly below) for the Slice of Life Story Challenge, created specifically for the month.  Ruth and Stacey would be honoured if you posted one of them on your site, alongside your story, each day. For me, it's the blue button, purely because it's my favourite colour...

If you need more information, then point your browser to , where you’ll find some easy tips for making the Slice of Life Story Challenge come alive in your classroom. 

Hope to see you online throughout the month of March as part of the Slicer” Community!


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