The Silent Share Time- A Writing Idea From Deb Day

In her recent guest blog hosted by Two Writing Teachers  on September 2, Deb Day, shared a wonderful idea for adding variety to share time. I thought it was so good, I am ‘sharing’ it with you.
Deb Day has been teaching English and reading classes in northeast Iowa since 1989. In her current position she teaches speech, creative writing, ninth grade English, and coaches contest speech. Her blog about teaching and her life is called Coffee With Chloe.

‘This year I want to share more and in several different ways. A favorite with past students has been the “silent share.” I’ve noticed students seem to have trouble sharing their writing aloud. So in silent share, I have students lay out their writing around the room, with or without their name. The class then goes around the room with post-it notes and reads at least three pieces. They write their comments on the notes and stick them to the piece when they are done reading. Gradually, as students become more comfortable with each other, I will work toward more public sharing of drafts and snippets of long pieces.’

To read more about Deb Day’s ideas for teaching writing go to


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