The Potential of Digital Storytelling

Some of my recent conversations with teachers regarding publishing have raised the possibility of incorporating digital storytelling into the publishing frame...
Somewhat fortuitously, Stenhouse Publishers announce the imminent release of Lisa Miller's book 'Make Me a Story- Teaching Writing Through Digital Storytelling'!
So I present the following as something to consider.

The writing process and digital storytelling go together naturally. Just as writing can be a process of discovery, so can digital storytelling, where images, words, and music all work together to create meaning.

In her new book, Make Me a Story, Lisa Miller describes the power of digital storytelling as a tool for teaching writing and engaging elementary students. She walks teachers step-by-step through the elements of a digital story project, from prewriting and research through putting the story together in the computer using photos, drawings, paintings, video, narration, and music. Readers will also find answers to nuts-and-bolts questions such as how much computer work students should do and how to record voice-overs. The accompanying CD offers over two dozen examples of student stories discussed in the book.
Make Me a Story emphasizes that the writing process should not get lost in the bells and whistles of technology. If writers of digital stories don't take the time to draft and revise their scripts, they won't get to the deep thinking that's essential to telling the best stories.
Make Me a Story will be available in late July. Stenhouse have posted the entire text and two of the student samples from the CD for you to preview online:


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