Slice of Life Story- Early Morning Adventures

In Melbourne, Australia we are experiencing an early summer with temperatures sizzling into the mid thirties (97degrees Fahrenheit) for almost a week. This has been the hottest November weather since 1925, we are told. Each morning I have walked to the beach with our dog Boo in an attempt to cool us both off. The temperature of the water has not caught up with the air temperature. It lags behind significantly. No warm currents to warm the bay. It is still bone chilling cold, particularly in the early part of the day. It is a struggle with the mind to overcome the knowledge that the water will smack you into life. Self talk is needed. I have to challenge myself to dive in. Contact with the water is stunning and refreshing in equal doses. My body buzzes with the shock of the cold water.I feel a sense of achievement having overcome my reticence. I stand up and then feel the urge to dive under again. This is great way to begin the day. I am alive in every sense of the word.

It will be hot and crowded here later in the day as tired and bothered folk descend onto the popular beach in search of some cooling relief. Right now its just Boo and I and some other people in the distance walking their dogs.

Boo sits at the shoreline watching me. I sense she is suspicious. Maybe she thinks I will take her beyond her depth. I would never force her to swim beyond what is confident to do. She is a Staffordshire terrier and not a great swimmer. She swims like a brick. She paddles near the water’s edge and ventures no further forward than her chest. For Boo this is enough. She loves to chase seagulls but there are none about this morning. She scampers back and forth beside the water’s edge watching her mad master frolic in the icy waters of the bay. I think she wishes she were brave enough to join me. She is relieved when I return to the water’s edge. We walk back home, a man and his dog, ready to face the heat of the day. Mundane matters await us at home.

Back to work tomorrow. The day will begin quite early. -Hot schools, hot and tired kids, frazzled teachers. No beach treat until Saturday. By then the water should be a little warmer- I hope!


  1. Alan:

    You need to explain this to me... school in the summer? What's that about?

  2. You sound like a masochist jumping into cold water. It's enough for me to go for an early morning walk through Kalimna.

    i've been a bit slack in the blog writing and reading department, so i'm impressed to read that you going strongly.

  3. Hi Alan
    I was wondering if it was a work day. The water temp just doesn't match the outside temp in early summer. See you soon. Ken


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