Slice of Life Story - Indulging In Simple Pleasures

Today was an office day. A day to prepare for tomorrow’s school based work day. Four demonstrations lessons for Years 7-9 teachers in both reading and writing workshop needed organizing. My mind was abuzz with possibility. I began the essential planning. I am ever mindful that my lessons need to set students up to be successful. The quality of my modelling is therefore critical.

It is easy to get stuck at the computer. The office becomes a bit like a cave from which you rarely emerge if you’re not mindful. There is so much here in this room to hold my attention. Surrounded by books and artefacts I am content in this place. The clock claws away at your time each day, so it is important to reserve some part of each day for simple pleasures -a change of activity.

Around mid day I took a break. Boo needed a walk and I needed to get some fresh air. We stepped out into a crisp Autumn day –plenty of blue sky and tepid sunlight. With the little black dog as my close companion we walked into town. The smell of lavender rose up as I brushed past a hedge jutting onto the footpath. I listened to the fresh sounds of Bon Iver on my Ipod as man and dog ventured into the local neighbourhood.

Upon reaching the shopping strip coffee aromas emerged to greet us as we passed. We passed a young girl feeding potato chips straight from the pack to a lone seagull. The gull is keen for this feeding frenzy to continue and squawks loudly. The little girl obliged.

We interrupted our walk and took a seat outside Via Boffe. I lingered over a welcome cappuccino. Boo drew admiring comments from passers by. She is terminally cute it must be said, and people frequently enquire if they can pat her. I was tempted to tell them that she used to be a crocodile until we had her tail removed, but eventually decided to play it straight. Boo did her best tail wagging, but pulled up short of signing autographs.

We moved on past the theatre and police station before ambling along the esplanade that skirts Mornington Harbour. The sea was flat today. The surface glistened with dazzling intensity in the sunlight and the unmistakable smell of seaweed wafted up from the beach.

We turned back towards home and completed our walk in the ‘hood. I made some lunch while Boo slurped loudly at her water bowl. The simple pleasure of taking time out for a walk provided us both with improved health prospects, improved spirits and strengthened that critical connection to the world beyond the ‘cave.’ Ultimately it has led to this piece of writing. Ah, simple pleasures!


  1. Out of the cave and into the world! Levendar and sea-air on one walk! Worth every step. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Autumn Day... Those two words just brought me back to the reality that you're halfway around the world. Wow! HAPPY FALL!

  3. I'm with Stacey on that sudden realization!

    You're so right about getting trapped in our offices sometimes. I have such trouble reminding myself to get out and breathe different air. I need to keep this story in mind. I won't get lavender and the sea, but I'll give my brain the chance to run in a different direction and refresh itself!

  4. Just a walk in the afternoon. JUST, hard to capture this and you DID it...we walked right along with you
    Alan. Loved it...Good that you escaped to the outside.


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