Memoir Piece -The Incident of the Bicycle in the Dark

The imminent arrival of the festive season served to remind me of a Christmas Eve many years ago...

The room is pitch-black and I am sitting astride a brand, spanking new bicycle. I can feel the prickly sensation of pine needles rubbing against my left leg. It is very early in the morning and I am exploring Santa’s harvest.

Suddenly a voice booms out of the darkness and I recognize my father’s words, “Get back to bed, it’s far too early!”

The shock of his voice sends me sprawling and I lurch awkwardly towards the Christmas tree. I am trapped in a tangle of tinsel, baubles and pine needles. Wedged between the tree and the bicycle, I am stuck with my face buried in the tree and pine needles up my nose; unsure what to do next. I love the smell of pine needles in the morning...

Eventually, I untangle myself and crawl back to bed pulling pine needles from my pajamas as I go.

When I awake some hours later, daylight has pulled back the blanket of the night, so I gingerly creep back to the lounge-room to check on the damage my night raid has caused.

My eyes lock immediately onto a gleaming new Healing semi racing bicycle- and a slightly lop sided Christmas tree. I spend a minute or two giving the tree first aid and then turn my attention to the object of my desire. I can’t wait to get out on the street and ride this sleek machine.

Seasonal events in our lives often throw up strong memories. whenever I see a Christmas tree, my thoughts go back to that moment in the darkness.


  1. I am laughing too hard to comment!

    My cousins used to get up around 4, open all their gifts then go back to bed. Their parents missed all the fun every year.
    Was the bike as fun as you hoped?

  2. This is what I didn't grow up with. No tree, no racing down to get a view of the gifts from Santa but no matter how I grew up, I can enjoy your experiences.

  3. What a great moment! The holidays sure do bring up lots of memories!

    Glad you're participating in this new Challenge Alan!


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