Nurturing Developing Writers

Over the years I have enjoyed growing fresh vegetables in my own garden. Lettuce, tomatoes, capsicums, cabbages, beans, peas and the like have all graced my garden plot at various times. I have even found room for the much maligned brussel sprout -not a lot of room, but enough.

I discovered early on that if I wanted my lettuces and cabbages to develop strong, succulent hearts, or my tomatoes to be juicy, when I bit into them, then I needed to invest time and effort in their development. I firstly had to plant them in fertile soil. I had to nurture their growth with adequate amounts of water and sunlight. I also had to protect them from weeds and pests. Sometimes I had to prop them up with stakes for support. It was vital not to allow them to wither and die.

It's the same situation when it comes to developing young writers. Their development requires much care and attention. They need nutrient care to sustain their growth. - and just like the plants in my vegie patch, I have to devote my energies to getting rid of the bugs that may potentially threaten their development.


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