Notebook Action- Clip, Copy, Collect

 My writer’s notebook  is a place where I frequently clip and copy artifacts to stimulate my collection of writing ideas. It is a collection zone. I am constantly recording passages and extracts from my reading. These are words I wish I had written. These are words that make my heart sing. They are words that stretch across the emotional spectrum. Loving, tender, insightful, biting and honest words speak to me.  I add my responses to these words. They evoke reaction.
My eyes, my ears, and my heart are engaged in this ongoing search.

I copy down poetic lines. I paste images from newspapers, magazines and my own photographic experiences. These images inspire more ideas. I combine images and words. I eagerly embrace the rich possibilities that present when text and image connect.

I clip powerful descriptive passages into my notebook. I want these words to soak into me. I am inspired to greater effort by the words of fellow writers. If I tap into the style of writers I admire, I begin  to write under their influence. We imitate then innovate.

Occasionally, I sketch images or draw maps or plans in my notebook. It provides additional fodder for my writing. They are memory markers.

So, my notebook is a hybrid collection of ideas. My own words and ideas gather alongside the rich stimulus provided by my various collaborators.


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