Slice of Life Tuesday- An Ode To A Tie

It is miserable outside today. Winter's grip has ensured a grey, bone biting day. I am preparing for a conference presentation in Darwin next week, so being indoors suits me.

As a break from my preparations, I found myself rummaging through my wardrobe and came across a collection of old ties. I rarely wear ties anymore, but there was a time when I wore a tie regularly during my days as a school administrator. They were always bright, some would say, garish. 

My aim  back then was to add some colour to the day. They became a talking point for staff and students. My ties were varied in colour and quality. Somewhat questionable strip of cloth, you might say. 

These days they just hang in my wardrobe as historical artifacts. The discovery of those ties has inspired me though. It has inspired me to write an ode to everyday things! 

The poet, Pablo Neruda devoted a whole volume of poems to simple objects. Ties certainly fall into this category. An ode to one of my ties seems therefore acceptable. It has brightened an otherwise drab day.

Ode To A Tie

We once hung out
Quite regularly
You used to hug my neck
And keep my collar neat and tidy
You protected my shirts
From crumbs, stray morsels
And Thai food stains

You were the colourful one
Draped across my shirt
An eye catcher

In those days
You went to school with me
And your dazzling presence
Your pattern of bright flowers
Snapped eyes to attention
You were a carpet of colour
A strong statement on an otherwise
grey day

You served me well
That is why
You remain with me
We are  tied

Alan j Wright


  1. That is quite a collection you must have, judging by the sampling you shared! Love wordplay in your ode, too.

    1. Thank you as always Tara. I had fun writing this. I do have an extensive collection of ties.

  2. The last lines made me laugh. Good reminder to write about about everyday things!

    1. They say the last line must have an impact, so if my final lines evoked a laugh, I am well pleased. Writing about everyday things is important. Keen observation is vital to us all in our writing lives.

  3. These ties are mighty eye-catchers. Your ode honors the flowery tie with nostalgia and humor. Made my rainy day brighter too.

    1. Pleased my humble poem gave you a lift.

  4. My husband was an administrator with a closet full of bright ties full of whimsy, too. However, he did not want to keep them near when he retired, so they found a home with another administrator. Your poem does bring a bit of brightness to a drab day.

    1. I strongly suspect that my wife, Vicki would like to see those ties find a new home. Space fillers in her mind.

  5. Funny how I've never thought twice about a tie unless it was a really bad one. Then we all think and talk about it! I love Pablo Neruda and what you've written here as a perfect ode to a great observer.

    I've only just found your blog today. I'm very intrigued by your book too. I've been keeping track of my own slices that are for my students as wondered if they would be anything worth publishing (if even just self-publishing for mentor text purposes) and can see that you have found value to what we do. Thanks for posting and sharing today.

    1. Thank you Brittany. Please feel free to come back anytime. Continue yo keep track of your writing slices. They are great memory markers. Who knows where it might take you as a writer....

  6. The tie certainly is worthy of a poem. I once had a colleague who had more ties than school days. When he retired he gave them to younger male teachers in the building. This post made me smile!


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