Slice of Life Story Challenge -March 17- Irish Connections

It’s St Patrick's Day! My family has strong connections to Ireland. Generations of both sides of my family came out of Ireland to settle in Australia. I have been fortunate to visit Ireland on two occasions. I hope I get the opportunity to go there again. I have more exploring to do. I have more history to uncover through the Wicklow Valley area in particular.

I sang some Irish songs today as I drove to work. It is a tradition for me to connect to my Celtic roots in this way. If it’s just me and the music, no one can groan.

I sang, Óró, sé do bheatha abhaile (Irish pronunciation: [ˈoːɾˠoː ʃeː d̪ˠə ˈvʲahə walʲə]) a traditional Irish song, that came to be known as a rebel song in the early 20th century. Óró is a cheer, while sé do bheatha abhaile means "welcome home.’ I recall hearing this song sung by legendary Irish balladeers, The Clancy Brothers when I was just nineteen years old and it sent a tingle down my spine. I have been singing this rousing song ever since.

The Clancy Brothers taught me many Irish songs including some Irish children’s songs, which I have sung to my children and grandchildren over the years- whether they wanted to hear them or not! At one time in my musical past, I sang in a coffee lounge where they asked me to sing Irish folk songs. I obliged. They paid me in free coffee and raisin toast. Ah memories…

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Here are two children's tunes I learned from The Clancy Brothers


  1. This is a fun way to connect with your roots and keep the tradition alive!

  2. Love the St. Patrick's Day connections and reading AND hearing about family traditions.


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