Slice of Life Story Challenge March 20 - Experimenting With Muddled Proverbs

A group of young writers were looking closely at one of my notebooks yesterday as they performed their roles as text detectives on the hunt for ideas.  They were lifting potential ideas for inclusion in their own notebooks.

They stumbled across a page where I had indulged in some word play with proverbs. I had deliberately mixed and muddled them to observe the effect. 
They found humour in the resultant words. 

It occurred to me that this action demonstrates the writer experimenting with ideas, - such an important part of working within the pages of the notebook. I discussed this with the students. I wanted them to know that they too should experiment, take writing risks and try ideas out.  I also explained how much fun I had playing around with the proverbs to create something a little different.

Muddled Proverbs
An apple a day killed the cat

A bird in the hand gathers no moss

A stitch in times saves two in the bush

If at first you don't succeed, carry a big stick

Don't count your chickens until the fat lady sings

He who laughs never boils

A watched pot never comes to those who wait

Loose lips shouldn't throw stones


  1. Fun to read your muddled proverbs. It is great that you share your writer's notebook with students. That is a powerful model.

  2. Muddled idea. I might try writing a few and then see if my students can correct them.


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