Experience Stillpoints

Today I learnt the term ‘stillpoints’ I read about stillpoints in a book titled ‘Write Starts – Prompts, Quotes and Exercise to Jumpstart Your Creativity’ by Hal Zina Bennett. It’s Bennett’s word for those moments in our lives when we are totally at one with the now; we are so with what ever we are doing or feeling or thinking that everything else seems to stop.

In writing, Bennett sees stillpoints as aha! Moments created when our words strike a special chord, It occurs when we express something clearly, authentically and beautifully. It resonates as clearly as the ringing of a fine crystal bell

The closer a writer comes to describing anything as it really is, be it gruesome, embarrassing, uplifting, unconscionable, puzzling or loving that becomes a stillpoint that reminds us of our own humanity. They are those moments in writing that tell the truth as it is. When you read try to notice the stillpoints. Share those moments with your students.


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