Slice of Life Story - When Socks Go Wild!

It’s Friday; the end of a demanding working week and for reasons I cannot adequately explain, my thoughts have turned to socks.

I am so glad I’m not a sock. Crammed into stinky shoes-rarely seeing daylight, socks endure a most depressing existence. It is hardly surprising then that socks really make the most of being tossed into the wash! It’s a chance to break out, go wild and even make a break for freedom. Before you dismiss me as a loon, consider the following…
Once we toss them into the washing machine socks finally get the chance to hang out with other items of apparel. Once in the sudsy world of the wash cycle, socks get to rage and have fun- spinning with shirts and undies, splashing about with fellow socks; tangling and untangling. Oh what freedom!

As the machine goes through its cycles, socks rock and roll without a care. Finally the spin cycle begins and that’s when socks realize the good times are fast coming to an end. That’s when they go into panic mode. They cling desperately to the sides of the machine hoping not to be noticed when the spinning ends.

Amazingly some fortunate socks actually escape the scrutiny- they find themselves overlooked when the wash is removed. They avoid detection, by slinking from view. How do they manage it? I’m not quite sure. However, I know they do avoid being discovered and much evidence of their success as escape artists readily comes to mind. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you placed a pair of socks in the wash only to have a solitary sock return? Where does that other sock disappear to? How does it manage to break free?

While it remains a mystery akin to the eternal disappearing coat hanger legend, I feel a genuine sense of empathy with socks. Who among us can begrudge the humble sock making a dash for freedom? Afterall, would you like to live such a socking life, up close and personal with all those stinky toes?


  1. Imagine,though, that you are a beautiful sock hanging on the clothes line, just dancing in the wind under fresh air and sun. It would be like a day of joy.
    Or not.
    Maybe that's why they get lost so easily.

  2. I fear my socks started enjoying life a little too much, because right now I have 4 socks with NO mates. However, today my toes started dancing and I had to pull out the flip flops!!!! Perhaps my socks knew their days were numbered.

  3. This post reminds me of the very first "Seinfeld" Episode (it was actually the pilot) where Jerry has a whole monologue about socks and underwear dancing around, together, in the dryer. If you've never heard it, you should try to find it. It's hysterical!


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