Slice of Life Story - The Not SoTrivial Pursuit of Trivia

Trivia intrigues me…

I find it incredibly engaging. Sometimes it overwhelms my thinking and I begin to ponder how it came to be that someone made the discovery of that particular piece of information. I sometimes wonder why anyone would bother seeking the answer to some seemingly insignificant fact in the first place. Human curiosity appears to be a common thread. My notebooks are dotted with such trivial facts. For example, American novelist Mark Twain was the first known author to submit a typed manuscript.

Each day I hear or read something trivial that engages my mind. Today I read that if you spray antiseptic spray on a polar bear, its fur turns purple. Now that set my mind to thinking…

How was this trivial fact discovered? Was a germo-phobe wandering aimlessly in the Arctic wilderness holding a bottle of antiseptic spray and suddenly by chance encountered a stray bear? This is obviously a baffling bear fact!

My dear wife Vicki is baffled not so much by trivia but more the fact that I bother to ponder such matters. ‘Why do you fill your head with such things?’



  1. I'm with Vicki! There' s so much else that we have to deal with. But each to his/her own, Alan,

  2. I'm terrible when it comes to trivia. (I always lost at Trivial Pursuit too.) However, I have always had a deep respect for people who can remember lots of facts!


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