Slice of Life Story - Routines and Rituals on Saturday

My Dad was renowned as a creature of habit. He always sat in the same chair in our family lounge room and always drank his cup of tea from the same cup.-and it was always Robur tea. His daily rituals were firmly established. He did not entertain the idea of radical change, or unexpected departure from established behaviours.

Now I’m beginning to realize that I too have some firmly established routines and rituals. This morning for instance, I was up and about early, just after sunrise, in order to make an eight o’clock appointment with my hairdresser. It’s Saturday morning and I’m continuing a ritual that has endured for more than twenty years. I have been going to the same hairdresser, Leni for all that time. The appointments have been set for early on a Saturday morning for as long as I can remember. I am in and out of the salon in just over twenty minutes and it always goes something like this when I arrive.
‘Morning Alan, are we going short today?’
‘No, just a trim thanks Leni.’
‘Maybe, one day short?’
‘Who knows, maybe?.’
We then talk through our usual range of subjects -travel plans, the weather, family and home improvements. This is the pattern of our Saturday appointments.  I have become one of the salon’s oldest customers due to my reliance on Leni to cut my hair. The truth of the matter is, I trust her cutting skills. The length of my locks is literally in Leni’s hands.
With the passage of time, I find myself becoming more than a little concerned about her rapidly approaching retirement. When this time eventually arrives, I will have a big decision to make. My well established routine will end.
Routines are something that place us very firmly in a comfort zone. The only decision I have had to make about haircuts for the last twenty years has been – when, never who or where. Some people change hairdressers regularly. Not me. I remain loyal to Leni!


  1. I am having the same problem! When I move, I will be 1.5 hours away from my hairdresser. I think it is going to be worth it to drive back every 6 weeks. :)

  2. Me too. I love my dentist but he is talking a bit more about scaling back even more than he has now. I need a dentist with lots of TLC. For me that's more of a concern than my hairdresser, even though she is important as well. My cleaning lady...I need them all

  3. I'm loyal to my hairdresser too. Maybe she could mentor someone to cut your hair the way she does.

    I liked the use of firmly because sometimes I'm so afraid to step out of a routine that is firmly in place in my life. Firmly reminds me just how much I depend sometimes on routines that might need to be broken.


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