Slice of Life Story - A Lemony Snippet

In the supermarket today I noticed that lemons had reached the astonishing price of $1.28 each! -Now, I understand that we are experiencing a global economic downturn, global warming and a protracted drought, but lemons at such prices is almost incomprehensible. Imported lemons at that! It seems locally grown lemons are unavailable. Last week, I searched for lemons, but the shelves were empty.

My desire for lemons is predicated on the need to start my day with the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water. It is reputed to cleanse the liver –and let’s face it, a clean liver is an admirable goal. But $1.28 per lemon is beginning to stretch the friendship.

The irony of my lemon lament is the knowledge that growing in my backyard is a stand of five lemon trees that are laden with lemons. There must be at least one hundred lemons hanging from the limbs of my lemon trees. I only planted them two years ago, so the lemon harvest is remarkable.

The problem is that none of them are showing any sense of urgency to ripen. They are plump and green and they are staring back at me in a passive aggressive manner and refusing to mellow to yellow.

So my life remains bitter sweet…


  1. I feel the same way when I have to buy apples in the fall! Soon you will have too many lemons. Sounds like you could make some money if you set up a stand for yourself.

  2. Those lemons are mocking you! That is ridiculous. I found a small mom and pop place that has ten lemons for a dollar by us...maybe I could ship you some?


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